Introduction to Creative Commons

"Creative Commons is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to making it easier for people to share and build upon the work of others, consistent with the rules of copyright.
[They] provide free licenses and other legal tools to mark creative work with the freedom the creator wants it to carry, so others can share, remix, use commercially, or any combination thereof."

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You might also like to read 7 Things You Should Know About . . . Creative Commons pdf from EDUCAUSE
See the new Public Domain Mark

Videos about Creative Commons

There are 4 videos about CC in the playlist below:
A Shared Culture
Wanna Work Together?
Building on the Past
Creative Commons - Get Creative

Slideshows about Creative Commons

Comics & Cartoons about Creative Commons

How Creative Commons Works

How it works on the Creative Commons website

The Spectrum of Rights

The spectrum of rights on the Creative Commons website

Sharing Creative Works

Sharing Creative Works on the Creative Commons website - also available as a pdf on Scribd

Creative Commons Mayer & Bettle Animation

A Tale of Two Fish: A Short Story about Copyright and Fair Use

A Tale of Two Fish photo set CC 2.0 by Yiibu on Flickr

Ready to license on your own work?

Follow these steps to License Your Work with one of the Creative Commons Licenses
Download CC logos, buttons, icons, and print media

What if you've created a mash-up of works with a variety of license types?
The OER Remix Game from Open Content will help you figure out what to do

Looking for Creative Commons Licensed content?

Search for Creative Commons licensed media
Find Content Directories for Creative Commons licenses Audio, Video, Image, and Text
This Creative Commons Information Pack from Smartcopying includes six "how to" guides for finding CC Licensed material


CCMixter (listen, sample, mash-up, or interact with Creative Commons licensed music)
The Freesound Project(database of Creative Commons licensed sounds)
Jamendo (searchable by Creative Commons license type)

Additional sources for Creative Commons licensed and copyright-free music:
CC Audio
CC Search Engine
CC Content Directories
Classic Cat: free classical catalogue

Dan-O Songs
Free Music Downloads on
Free Music Downloads on Seton CCHS Virtual Library
Freeplay Music

Josh Woodward: Creative Commons Acoustic Rock
MYBYTES: Music Mixter
Royalty-Free Music
Wikimedia Commons

Looking for even more options? Here are some additional lists:
CopyrightFreeMusic from Teaching with Thinking and Technology
Copyright-friendly music and sound from Joyce Valenza


Google Advanced Image Search (select Usage Rights)
Flickr's Creative Commons Portal
Flickr Creative Commons - Attribution Only Search
Compfight: A Flickr Search Tool- Here are some instructions for using Compfight
FlickrStorm (save CC images with a URL)


Remix My Lit
Little Brother

Wondering How to Cite CC Materials?

Creative Commons: A Quick Overview includes "How to attribute Creative Commons material"
This "How to Attribute Creative Commons Material: For Teachers and Students" is from Smartcopying

Want an Easier Way to Cite CC Licensed Flickr photos?

Alan Levine has created this Flickr CC Attribution Helper Greasemonkey Script
And here's a video tutorial explaining how to install and use