Web2Global: Globally Connected Learning

enabling students to connect, communicate, and collaborate with global peers
German-American Fulbright Program Institute at Trinity University, April 18, 2011

What's one specific example of how the global is part of your local life?

Please go to http://poll4.com
Type 43257 and your response

This is an example of Poll Everywhere, which also allows you to create multiple choice polls and display a graph of the answers.
Plus, you can have participants respond via text message or Twitter in addition to the website option we used.

Another free tool similar to Poll Everywhere is Answer Garden


Our Room on Todays Meet
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We talked about the difference between joining lots of communities (lurking) and actively participating/contributing
Here's a useful way to look at it: The four C's of participation online
Speaking of participation, I highly recommend Henry Jenkin's white paper:
Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century

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The International Society for Technology in Education has published these National Educational Technology Standards
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Here's the Video that Explains Web 2.0

Honor's Class

21st-Century Global Leadership at The International School of the Americas


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Educational Wikis
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Communities for Finding Global Collaboration Projects

Best Suggestion for Teachers: Global Education Collaborative
Best Suggestion for Youth: TakingITGlobal

Even More Communities
(Use the search box below or visit each one linked below)

Adobe Youth Voices Collaboration Centre
Around the World with 80 Schools
Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration
CIESE Collaborative Projects (engineering and science)
Collaborative Video Conferences
ePals Global Community
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GlobalSchoolNet.org - Internet Projects Registry
Heinle Language Community
ICONS Project (Secondary Education Simulation Programs)
iEARN - International Education and Resource Network
iEARN Collaboration Centre
Journey North
The My Hero Project
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Teacher Collaboration Portal on WikiEducator
Teachers Connecting
TWICE Videoconferencing - Collaborative Projects and Exchange Projects