ISSN Coaches Intensive

Wed. Aug. 10, 2011

Opening Thoughts

Slideshow - selected images and quotations from the Great Quotes about Learning and Change group on Flickr

Sharing is Caring

Please go to the ISSN Coaches Tech Tips document and share a tip, trick, or tool with us.
It doesn't need to be flashy or fancy, just something you do that makes things faster or easier for you in your digital life.

Time for Demos and Discussion

Please add comments to the google doc:
Highlight or place your cursor next to the text you're commenting on, then select Insert >> Comment
(Hint: if you're signed in to your gmail/Google account, your signature will appear with your comment.)

The Ning is the Thing

Take a look at The four Cs of participation in online communities from Derek Wenmoth's blog, and talk with your table mates about how you (and the educators in our region) have been participating in the ISSN Ning so far.

There are at least 25 "advanced" things you can do on the ISSN NIng to help make the information come to you and to help others find the information that's relevant to them. Don't worry, most of them are very similar, so once you catch on it'll be a breeze, and it will give you time to practice.

Tags and RSS

Before we can tackle the "advanced" Ning skills, we need to be familiar with two technological concepts/terms: tagging and RSS

A 10-minute mini-series of videos:

Information R/evolution by Professor Michael Wesch

Why Tag?

RSS in Plain English from Common Craft

Making the Ning Work for You (so you don't have to)

Please go to the ISSN Coaches - Ning Training spreadsheet
Work your way through the "I can . . ." statements A-Z
Teach and learn from each other F2F at your table and using the Chat feature on the Ning
Check off your progress as you go!