Step 1: Explore! (15 min.)

First, explore your assigned platform and the sample wikis/blogs to get comfortable with the design of your particular tool.

Step 2: Experiment from the role of a student! (45 min.)

We would like to invite you to try creating a student portfolio using one of the following online platforms

Try making changes to the sample wiki or blog listed above or create your own from the homepage of your assigned platform and invite others in your group to join.
  1. Try out different design styles and customizations
  2. Add various file types: documents, images, audio, video, links to other websites, etc.
  3. Test all the buttons to see what they do
  4. Evaluate the functionality of this particular tool using the Portfolio Platform Evaluation sheet (paper copy or excel doc on the server)

Step 3: Experiment from the role of a teacher! (15 min.)

  • Look at someone else's ePortfolio from within your platform group
  • Add comments to their work using the online tool

Step 4: Discuss what you discovered about your assigned tool

Platform groups debrief their experiences using these tools (20 min.)
  • What are the pros and cons of having students use this tool for portfolio?
  • What are some of the enhanced teaching and learning opportunities this tool will afford us?
  • What are some of the challenges integrating this tool will present?
    Take notes from this discussion and make sure the Evaluation spreadsheet is completed so you can share this info in grade level teams.

Laurie and the Freshman Team share their process for supporting students through portfolio development (10 min.)

Grade level teams discuss the implications for portfolio this year and in the future (20 min.)
  • How do you see one or more of these tools helping move us in a positive direction with student portfolios?
  • What is your current thinking on what direction you'd like to go?
  • Are you interested in using one or more of the platforms? This year? Next year?

Step 5: Report back and discuss decisions as a whole faculty (20 min.)

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