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Trinity University, March 21, 2011 4:00-6:00

In addition to the planned activities listed below, the following projects and resources came up in our discussions:
TED Talks: Ideas Worth Spreading - Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world
21st-Century Global Leadership class where high school students participate in the Flat Classroom Projects
The future of personal devices: gesture-based computing with augmented reality

The Growing Importance of Technology in 21st Century Schools

During our mini "film festival" we will engage in an online discussion of the ideas raised by a series of short videos.
Please go to our Today's Meet space to get started (this record of our conversation will be archived for 1 year).

Did You Know 2.0 (2006)

Did You Know 4.0 (2009)

When I Become a Teacher

When I Become a Teacher (from You Tube) from Mike Hasley on Vimeo.

See Michael Wesch's YouTube Channel for his explanation of Web 2.0 (The Machine is Us/ing Us) and the original Vision of Students Today video (college students)

A Vision of K-12 Students Today

Learning to Change - Changing to Learn

Stations Activity

Travelling in a small group, please visit each of the four stations, interact with resources you find there and discuss the following questions:
In what educational context(s) do you see this technology being useful?
How would the implementation of this technology enhance students' learning?

Parent-Teacher Communication

District Website
Campus Website
Principal's Weekly Message (blog)
School Community Calendar (Google calendar, editable by entire staff)
Teacher Web Pages - My Teacher Web Page
Parent Portal

Support for Special Education Students

Kurzweil Assistive Technology
Special Education Technology SIG on the ISTE Community Ning
Multiple Intelligences and Technology from Tammy Worcester
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Special Education

Web 2.0 Tools Enable Students to Learn and Demonstrate their Learning Digitally

No longer just consumers of web content, students are also producers, or "prosumers" (Don Tapscott)
Wordle or Tagul or Taxedo
Blogs - Support Blogging (in Education) - Winners of the Best Class Blog and Best Student Blog from the 2010 Edublog Awards
Wikis - Educational Wikis - Best Educational Wikis from the 2010 Edublog Awards

Apps for Education

Interactive White Boards