Our Students - The Net Generation

The Beloit College Mindset List

"an effort to identify the mindset of 18-year-olds in 2009" ~Beloit College

Please choose one or two statements that have implications for how students approach research, and discuss your ideas with your partner(s).

If Your Kids Are Awake, They're Probably Online

~New York Times, Jan. 20, 2010
A recent Kaiser Family Foundation study found that American youth, ages 8-18 spend more than 7.5 hours a day using a smart phone, computer, television, or other electronic device. With all the multitasking, they pack 11 hours of content into those 7.5 hours.

Grown Up Digital

In Grown Up Digital, Don Tapscott describes the 8 characteristics most valued by the Net Generation: Choice (Freedom), Customization, Transparency (Scrutiny), Integrity, Collaboration, Fun, Speed, and Innovation
In this short video, Tapscott responds to the claims made by Mark Bauerlien in The Dumbest Generation (the book Carol Jago mentioned in her TCTELA keynote)

Our World - The Digital Information Age

Some Staggering Statistics

By 2010, the amount of technical information is predicted to double every 72 hours.
~Did You Know 2.0

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A Day in the Internet
Infographic from OnlineEducation.net (not all content on this site is school appropriate)

Gary Hayes' Social Media Counts
Widget shared by Steve Dembo on this blog, Teach 42

Information Overload or Filter Failure?

Needles and haystacks and such from a blog called Indexed

According to Clay Shirky, author of
Here Comes Everybody , the problem is not “information overload,” it’s “filter failure.”

Maybe what we need is an . . .

Information R/evolution

Created by Dr. Michael Wesch Prof. of Cultural Anthropology, Kansas State University